FYI…A great Bible study site that has lots of Bible commentaries, Bible Condorances and Bible Dictionaires. Plus alot of other neat stuff….And it's free!     San's favorite Bible commentary is The Pulpit Commentary  Hendrickson Publishing


Sweet Sleep CD, a reading of a portion of the Psalms that Sandra recorded for her grandchildren as a Christmas present.  It was so popular she had it professionally recorded.  Her worship leader friend, Tony Hooper puts some of the scrptures to music, creating a soothing nightime message.     Adults also enjoy it… $10 plus shipping




Sandra's new devotional on the first chapter of 1st Samuel.  Israel needed a prophet. Hannah needed a child.  In order to do something extraordinary and to supply Israel with a deliverer, God had to incite prayer from a woman.  Is it no wonder, that at this time in our nation and world, that the Holy Spirit is awakening the hearts of mothers to cry out for their children.  These children will not only be saved from desperate times, they will be used of God to deliver others and change the culture.

The dedication of the child depends on the consecration of the mother.  

In this devotion, you will be inspired to… 





    More resources that Sandra is thankful to be a part of ….

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    Sandra writes the devo questions for Jason Creech at the end of each chapter of Navigate.  In this book you will hear personal tesitimony scanning over one hundred years on to successfully navigate the Will of God!  You will breathe a sigh of relief. An illuminating read!




    Jason Creech and Sandra Saylor have combined their gifts and years of experience to address some of life's most difficult topics. Their new book Dealing With The S-Words is a devotional revolving around self-esteem, significance, sex, secrets, and suicide

    View this interview with Jason:


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